DHS Experience

  • AVANT CRM - (Functional Category 1)

    ERPSI provides program and project management, data integration, helpdesk and technical support; reporting and O&M for USCIS.

  • S&T OCIO IT Security Support Services

    ERPSI provides IA/Cybersecurity services that extends to all aspects of S&T IT services including: applications; desktop and laptop computers; LAN connectivity (secure and non-secure); audio-visual and video-teleconferencing; telecommunications(secure and non-secure); software and hardware acquisition and installation.


    The purpose of the ICE Correspondence and Tasking system is to improve OES’s ability to efficiently create and revise documents, produce, organize, assign, route, approve, sign, track, manage, and search management reports for all internal and external correspondence and taskings. ERPSI is fulfilling this requirement utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool. The following are specific tasks to be performed according to the ICAT PWS:

    • Requirements Validation and ICAT Application Design/Configuration

    • Functional Qualification Testing, Data Migration Plan, Data Archiving and Retrieval Design

    • IT Security Compliance

    • Implementation


    ERPSI operates and maintains solutions for the OBIM Operational Data Store in the following task areas: Data Architecture, Database Administration, Application/System Administration, and Information Security. The services requested are to support the Operational Data Store environment which resides partially in two DHS datacenters and within a government cloud service. The Operational Data Store environment is a private, extranet only accessible from within the DHS network.


    ERPSI will supply multiple Agile development teams to participate in IT development projects using Scrum and other Agile and Lean processes. They will be part of an ecosystem, participating with federal employees and other contractors in a team-based Scaled Agile approach to deliver mission value frequently, cost-effectively, responsively, and with high quality. ERPSI will continue to support Homeland Security with development services in an effort help move the agency’s toward its envisioned state of a technologically innovative, state-of-the-art, electronic, customer-centric architecture.

    The following are specific tasks to be performed according to the FADS II PWS:

    • Requirements Collection
    • Analysis Design
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Planning
    • Project Management
    • Infrastructure Support